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    treating and helping injured or distressed wild life..
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KAWFT was formed in 2010 by three passionate Kariba residents, for the purpose of raising funds and awareness on treating and helping injured or distressed wild life in the Kariba area. In conjunction with Parks & Wildlife we began an anti snaring patrol in mid 2011 to combat the ever increasing numbers of animals reported to be carrying snares.

The anti snare patrol which includes a ZPAWA Ranger and two KAWFT
rangers, operates 5 days a week.
KAWFT does not just do snare patrols, in the unfortunate event, any of our wildlife is injured or at risk, we will take action in treating and assisting our wildlife.

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Due to the dwindling numbers of Hyena in the area over the years, mainly due to – SNARES/POACHING - we just HAVE to do everything possible to rehabilitate this animal and release him back into the wild.


We are working in conjunction with Municipality of Kariba and other stakeholders to erect a fence around the kariba Dump Site.

Please help us with this project. Thank you.


ellies are back in town

Please be alert and aware when you come across Elephants. When the males are in Musth/ready to mate, they are EXTREMELY aggressive and dangerous. This can happen at any time. Normal behaviour is non-existant.